News Flash....  World Fastpitch-Softball International (WF-SI) has been founded to

provide an international softball effort with a World base in the South Padre Island

Area of Texas.   Enjoy the beautiful, clean beach - visit old Mexico - play competetive

international Softball, all at vacation rates much lower than any other resort area,

and in a town rated #1 in Texas as safest.  


The area of focus for 2007 will be Canada, Mexico, and the Western half of the

United States  (Mississipi to Hawaii), although teams from the Eastern half may attend World.


This may be the LAST YEAR you can visit Mexico without a passport.  In 2008 new restrictions may apply.

Any team having registered FastPitch-Si in 2005 or 2006 online at

has been given a membership in the new organization - WF-Si.  


2007 Team Sanction fees are paid by our Sponsors (unless you do not attend a qualifier).
Attend the necessary qualifiers, attend State, and go to World....

Come join us and 'play ball'....

Be sure to sign up online at

The Early Bird gets the Berth... If we are limited in the number of Berths to World, the top 4 Teams at State will get a berth, and the remaining berths will be awarded in the order in which teams sign up for State....

WF-Si World Locations & Dates

Easy to Qualify for a beach full of fun....  1-2-3    A-B-C

1.  Sign up for the World in your class *

2.  THEN.... Go To World ( Make your Hotel Reservations and Attend the World in your class)

3.  Attend additional qualifiers, State and NIT's  for extra points (points used for seeding) AND earn Discounts for World.

WF-Si 2007 World Locations & Dates





Western "A/B" World

July 10-15, 2007

South Padre Island Area


Super World Series

August, 2007

Houston Area


Winter World

Fall, 2007

South Padre Island Area


Teams are responsible for registering their Team info and signing up for tournaments online.  Tournament Directors are responsible for placing the Teams and awarding points.  Points will be used, if possible, for seeding State and World.


A. Teams hosting a WF-Si Qualifier will earn berth(s) to World plus points and a discount *
B. Teams winning a WF-Si, State, NIT or World Qualifier will earn berth(s) to World plus points and a discount*  All other Teams entered will receive a Berth plus points to World.  Teams that have not attended a WF-Si tournament may attend World, but they must pay the $25 Annual registration fee, and receive no points.
C.  All Teams may attend the Super World Series, but World Winners (no matter the affiliation) MAY be in a different Class.

    * Space available.  Most generally, Teams that sign up first for a World Tournament, and fulfill their obligations above, will be accepted first, up to the limit that can be accepted.   This is done so Teams make make plans (vacation, hotel reservations, etc.)  Win a World Qualifier and get a Direct Berth to World and savings off World.  Other Direct World Berths WILL be allowed.