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Dollars - Host a Tournament

Interested in
hosting a WF-Si fundraiser tournament to raise funds for your team or association?  - Simple as ABC

We actively support using tournaments as fundraisers for Teams, Associations and Charities.

If you are interested in hosting a WF-Si Tournament in your Area, you need only:

 A. Enter your proposed tournament on our free web site at (choose your State),

 B. Agree to and follow the Guidelines for Hosting a Tournament listed on your State's WF-Si Menu.

 C. Send your State Director an email at requesting Tournament Approval & stating your acceptance of the Guidelines , and

After the request is made, tournaments will be listed on a pending list available to Tournament Directors, and will be changed from pending to active upon approval by the State Director. Conflicts will be examined before approval.  When the tournaments become active they will appear on the main Tournament List, and will be available for entry by teams. The State Director will resolve conflicts and provide solutions.  Solutions may be spreading the age groups among several locations, and/or moving dates.  Cooperation among Tournament Directors is a must! 

We have no problem with you advertising your tournament anywhere else, but it must be represented as a WF-Si Tournament using WF-Si Rules, and tournament entry must be made at so that we can track team registration, participation and records.  This is required.

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