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BlastBall - for 3-6

March 23, 2004

BlastBall, imported from Canada, is an excellent way to teach  basics to the younger brothers and sisters.

BlastBall is played with a foam ball and bat for optimum safety and can be played both indoors and outdoors.  No additional equipment other than the BlastBall kit is necessary to play this game.  No softball gloves or shoes needed.  Bring your kid and play!  This game is suitable for ages 3-6.  As the skill level or age is increased the method of play can be adjusted.

The defensive players take any position on the field to ensure maximum coverage. A BlastBall is placed on the BlastTee and the first batter hits the ball and runs to the BlastBase.  If the batter reaches the base (and 'honks' it by stepping on it) before a defensive player either catches the ball in the air of fields it and yells 'Blast', the batter scores a home run.  If the ball is caught or fielded and 'Blast' is yelled before the batter gets to the BlastBase, the batter is out.  This is repeated until every player has had a chance to bat.   Many variations to the game are available.

A special 'Walk-up' BlastBall tournament will be available for little sisters and brothers aged 3 & up at the 8U National.   Parents may become coaches and recruit 4 kids at the tournament to form a team, or bring their own team.  All kids get an award.

BlastBall can be played

  • Indoor or Outdoors
  • Inside a gymnasium
  • In an open field
  • On a softball/baseball diamond
  • Anywhere with an open playing area

BlastBall can be great for building the foundations of your softball organization.

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