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Dollars.... Sponsors

The new Vendor and Sponsor program has been implemented, allowing Teams, Team members and Associations to raise $$$$ to offset Team and Softball expenses.   We also need funds to sponsor this free website, but we will share liberally with those who help us. A small portion of your donation will be retained for our costs, but the lions share will go to the Team or Association of your choice.  Don't have one?  We'll find one for you.

If you wish to help these young ladies achieve their goals, and at the same time, target a captive market with your Sponsor ad, we are providing a service for you. You may have an ad on our Sponsor page.  In addition, you may apply to be one of our Sponsors of the Year at one or more of our State, National or World Tournaments.

If you are interested in this program, and want to be included in the initial Startup Program, register as a Sponsor at no charge, and  Click here to Email us.   Details will be sent to you.

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